House Cleaning London

house cleaningHouse cleaning although necessary is not the best way to spend your leisure time, most people would shy away from the endless house cleaning chores and would gladly use some professional help, especially when the service price is right and the results speak for themselves. This is quite understandable as the amount of time and effort that goes in to house cleaning is substantial and the last thing busy households need after a long week at work is to spend their hard earned weekend cleaning the house.

EOT Cleaning London is just what you need, we are definitely not the cleaning genie but we know house cleaning inside out and we offer customers a complete and comprehensive range of quality, value for money house cleaning services fit for any occasion. Our customers can choose and combine one or more of our services like deep cleaning, spring cleaning, upholstery and carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and more.

All of cleaning jobs are performed by trained professionals with plenty of experience and technical knowledge. They are well mannered and punctual in their work habits and attitude. Customers can rely on our cleaners and their attention to fine detail for a quality job with no corner cutting and no additional fuss. Our house cleaning service is comprehensive and quite detailed. It covers all areas and rooms of the house, including hard to reach and awkward to clean places. Customers can also include a specific room or area they need cleaned thoroughly.

The house cleaning service includes furniture, appliances, floors, rugs and carpets, curtains, sinks, taps and all the rest. Our cleaners will pay a good dose of attention to the kitchen as this is an area of the house that sees a lot of use, same goes for the bathroom and toilet. House cleaning appointments can be booked throughout the entire week, weekend jobs are also accepted at no extra cost, should the need be there EOT Cleaning London can meet certain customer requirements and perform the cleaning job in an odd hour or out of business hours if necessary.

The 4 Brand New Tips for the Brand New House Owners

It is likely that when you own a brand house , you will be dumbfounded to realize how difficult it would be to make your house very tidy and neat. More realistically, it may be a little confusing which part of the house cleaning should be cleaned first and which should be least important.

Well, if you are in a similar situation, you may want to ponder on the 4 brand new tips for a brand new house owner like you:

  • When the house has been occupied by previous owners it is likely that the chimney has been neglected for a while. It is best that you look after the fire place first. Check out if it is safe to be used or if it needs some repairing. You can also start cleaning the chimney because fire hazards like unburned woods and ashes. If you are unable to clean it yourself, it is best to hire services from cleaning companies.

  • Occupied houses usually go uncheck for termites and rodents, and other insects which feed through dead plant materials such as woods. There are houses which are not protected against these dead plant eating insects and there are houses which have protection. If your new house is likely made of woods, its best then than you have it sprayed or checked for termite presence. Also, make sure that you have your new house checked for other pests like rodents and ants.

  • Check the laundry lines and have them effectively cleaned. More often, when you transfer to a new house, you will have your laundry lines ready because the old occupants have them built or you have your own laundry chutes. Whatever the case may be, make sure that you have these laundry lines cleaned because they usually pose dangers to your house when left not cleaned for so long. They usually collect too much dust that gets burned easily.

  • Finally, when you are unsure of whether you can take care of the cleaning yourself, it is best that you hire paid services from cleaning company. These people are experts in their own field and they should be trusted for what they do because they have been practically doing the same thing for so long.

So, even when you are so excited to move in to your new house, make sure that you take these handy tips with you before you finally settle in to your brand new abode. Moving into a Safe and Healthy Home