Domestic Cleaning London

domestic cleaning If you are looking for a versatile and value for money cleaning on a regular basis, then we will be happy to offer you our regular cleaning service which is a great way to keep the place nice and clean at all times at a fraction of the usual cost. The regular cleaning service is aimed at customers who don’t have the time to do their own cleaning or just don’t like dealing with house cleaning chores.

The regular cleaning service if quite flexible and can be adjusted to suit individual customer schedules and requirements. The service is completely customizable and can be made to include different types of housekeeping chores along with cleaning. If you have specific housekeeping chores which need doing on a regular basis, please speak to our consultants and check if these can be included in your regular cleaning and whether or not they attract extra costs. Customers can receive the cleaners at their own convenience in a suitable time. The regular cleaning can take place on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bimonthly basis depending on customer preferences. Our regular cleaning service is performed by specially trained, professional cleaners which have passed all the necessary police and security background checks as we want to give our customers complete peace of mind as well.

We will make sure to send you the same cleaners on every appointment as this increases the efficiency and shortens the length of the appointments since the cleaner becomes familiar with the house and its specifics. In case your regular cleaner is unavailable for some reason, we will notify you duly and inform you of the due changes. If a customer wants to skip or postpone a weekly or fortnightly service it is no problem as long as we are given a sufficient prior notice in order to rearrange our cleaning schedule. Customers can request another cleaner if they are unhappy with their current one. The regular cleaning service can be suspended for a period of time in case customers are abroad or away from home for a long time.

Your pet cats and dogs can be your kids, brothers, sisters, and friends to you. However, you can always be irritated when you see furs around your carpet and furniture.

Though this cannot be a total mess, this can cause some sort of allergies and will make the house feel uncared for. However, you surely will not wish to take them out of your house cleaning. Hence, what is best to do is to take note of these following ways to effectively get rid of their fur inside your home cleaning:

  • Make sure to brush your pet’s hair with a brush that is designed specifically for them. This task will collect the dead fur from your pet that prevents them to land in your carpet and other furniture.
  • Clean your pet’s fur with shampoo only after you brush them. Since tangling of their hair comes worse after bathing, it is better to shampoo them before doing so. This will prevent the fur from falling to your tub or shower because they were already collected during brushing and shampooing.
  • Get assistance from professional pet groomers. They have all the equipment and training to help you get rid of the fur they drop at home.
  • Before your pet enters the house cleaning, make sure to wipe its feet clean first.
    • With all these, you can continue living a happy life with your cute pets at clean home . This time, you may not worry anymore about the mess they can bring.